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Urban quality of life through consultancy services in urban development, planning and mobility.

Our task is to create inclusive cities where people – of all kinds, at all stages in life – can thrive. Cities where a rich everyday life is easy and scarce space is cleverly used. Urban environments where large-scale permanent infrastructure solutions coexist with flexible transport modes. Streets, green spaces, and infrastructure where walking or cycling is a convenient choice.

We aim to create a high-quality urban everyday life - for everyone – by combining our competencies within urban development, mobility, and planning.

About us

At Urbanista Stad, we put people at the centre of urban development. The inhabitants of cities drive urban development through their lifestyle choices. Therefore, the human perspective should be the basis for urban and mobility planning that makes sustainable choices easy.

We believe in well-thought-out environments, attractive public transport, great conditions for pedestrians and cyclists - a smart and sustainable city. Clever use of space and large-scale permanent solutions for infrastructure that coexist with small-scale, flexible modes of transport.

We often work in the early stages of large urban development projects, but we also have experience of the implementation phase of projects. Urban development requires robust collaboration, where the actors together contribute with the differently shaped parts of a complex puzzle. We know our customers well and we understand the perspectives and driving forces of different stakeholders.


Urbanista Stad AB is partly owned by the Dutch consulting company Goudappel. This thriving corporate collaboration - where we continuously exchange knowledge and best practice - benefits both customers and employees in our endeavor to create sustainable cities. Goudappel describe their mission as follows: “Our mission is to use proven Dutch solutions on mobility to create sustainable, accessible, liveable and economic flourishing cities world wide.” Goudappel is the market leader in the Netherlands. This position is secured through continuous innovation, investment in competence, development of new services and international cooperation.

Our mission is to use proven Dutch solutions on mobility to create sustainable, accessible, liveable and economic flourishing cities world wide.

Goudappel also participates in other international companies that specialise in different aspects of sustainable mobility. Through this “Goudappel family”, we are all part of a unique network of knowledge.

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Urban development

We offer services in process- and project management that help collaborating actors understand each other, find common goals and work in a structured way. Like this, we together identify which parameters are “right” based on each project's unique conditions.

Vi gillar ordning och reda. Som projektledare kan vi strukturera, planera och genomföra stadsutvecklingsprojekt med förståelse för viken av god kommunikation, resursplanering och rätt kvalitet.


We offer services in mobility that range from the broad brushstrokes to the smaller contexts. We work both in the planning- and in the implementation phase of projects. At an overarching level, we can develop strategies for mobility, for example for municipalities, regions, or property developers. We can also analyze parking- and mobility needs in connection with urban zoning plans or applications for building permits. In the delivery phase, we have experience of implementing mobility plans, including travel demand management measures, for sustainable mobility during construction.

Within the framework of our close cooperation with Goudappel in the Netherlands, we have a continuous mutual exchange of knowledge. We seek out and test new knowledge in the field of mobility both through projects commissioned by customers and with internal projects where we explore how Dutch approaches can be adapted to the Swedish market.

We want to create urban environments that help people thrive. By working for integrated, smart mobility solutions, we contribute to a sustainable and functional everyday life.

Urban planning

Vi erbjuder tjänster inom planering och fastighetsutveckling. Vår kompetens sträcker sig genom hela samhällsbyggnadsprocessen, från idé till genomförande.

Inom planering arbetar vi med allt från planbesked, detaljplaner till strategisk planering. Våra kunder är både privata och kommunala och vi arbetar nära våra beställare som handläggare och projektledare. Vårt mål är att planera för levande och hållbara städer och vi värnar om helheten. I våra projektet fokuserar vi på kvalitet och genomförbarhet. Vi bidrar till en stad i rörelse. Vi ser att samverkan och förståelse är en framgångsfaktor.

Inom fastighetsutveckling arbetar vi med projektutveckling i tidiga skeden, företräder fastighetsägaren i planprocessen samt driver genomförande. Våra kunder är både privata- och kommunala fastighetsägare. Vi bidrar till att skapa rätt förutsättningar och möjligheter för att kunna genomföra projekten, t.ex nyttohantering, exploateringsekonomi samt risk- och intressentanalys.


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The team

If you want to get in touch with one of our employees, you will find the contact information here below

André Berggren
Chef affärsområde planering och fastighetsutveckling, planeringsarkitekt FPR/MSA
Anna Uhrbom
Planning architect FPR/MSA
Catharina Migell
Kontorschef, konsult inom trafik- och stadsutveckling
Erik Engström
Planning architect MSA
Johanna Lindberg
Chef affärsområde mobilitet, konsult inom mobilitet
Klara Jonsson
VD, konsult inom stadsutveckling
Linnéa Arvidsson
Konsult inom stadsutveckling
Maja Sjöstedt
Konsult inom stadsutveckling och mobilitet
Olof Lundstedt
Konsult inom stadsutveckling och mobilitet
Sara Nylander
Planning architect MSA